Aaron Evans

  • Experience building systems and teams.
  • Dedicated to high engineering standards and operational excellence.
  • Experience with large-scale deployment systems, release processes, host provisioning, and host monitoring systems.


Cedar AI

2021 - present
  • Building Rail management systems.


2020 - 2021
  • Owned backend services for Tableau Online.


2015 - 2020

A to Z

2019 - 2020
  • Owned A to Z, Amazon's self-service HR tool for hourly employees. Allows employees to view and manage time and attendance, view schedule, manage shift transfers, and receive employee communications.
  • Defined interfaces between two organizations to accelerate development for time and attendance features.
  • Designed a system to manage worker ontologies to control feature enablement.


2015 - 2019
  • Owned the customer-facing EC2 instance health API and underlying monitoring systems.
  • Successfully launched a system re-architecture to resolve a critical scaling bottleneck for customer-facing EC2 instance health metrics.
  • Took ownership and repaired some older systems in need of TLC related to the EC2 data-plane build and release process.
  • Proposed changes to the EC2 data-plane release process that reduced customer-impacting outages related to deployments.

Two Sigma Investments

2014 - 2015
Software Developer
  • Working on an alpha capture system.
  • Automated a release and deployment process using Ansible. Took a manual, multi-step process and transformed it into an automated, single-step process.
  • Advocated for and helped design and build a system to collect and report applications metrics; enabled reporting and monitoring of performance and availability metrics.
  • Re-designed and implemented login and session management across multiple sites.


2009 - 2014
Sr. Software Development Engineer


2013 - 2014
  • Designed and implemented a service to automate multi-region tasks across AWS.

Infrastructure Supply Chain Automation

2011 - 2013
  • Founding member and technical lead for team focused on improving Infrastructure's supply chain
  • Designed and implemented systems that led to significant reductions in procurement cycle times
  • Grew team from 3 to ~15 members over two years
  • Launched externally accessible portal to ingest supply chain data from vendors
  • Active in the career development of teammates via informal mentoring, leveling for promotions, and writing promotion documents

Infrastructure Automation

2009 - 2011
  • Designed and implemented RESTful web services using Java for Amazon's server provisioning system
  • Added support for EC2 capacity into the provisioning tools
  • Deployed the provisioning system in several new AWS regions as part of new region builds
  • Periodic 24/7 operational support including responding to high-severity issues
  • Upgraded a critical MySQL database used by dozens of systems from 5.0 to 5.1 with minimal downtime and no negative impact

Comcast Interactive Media

2006 - 2009
Sr. Software Developer
  • Developed features for a homegrown CMS supporting comcast.net and fancast.com
  • Developed user interfaces and publishing systems for editors to manage content
  • Wrote software to ingest syndicated news content from various news sources
  • Helped launch re-architecture of comcast.net
  • Designed and implemented user-preference storage system based on the OpenSocial API and backed by MySQL

Bristol Capital, Inc

2005 - 2006
Software Developer
  • Developed telephone system (PBX) reporting software for internal Mac OS X applications
  • Parsed and imported telephone switch traffic data into a PostgreSQL database
  • Created backup scripts and performed maintenance for a PostgreSQL database
  • Wrote complex SQL queries to extract data for report generation and generated DocBook documents
  • Ported a PowerPlant application to Mac OS X
  • Technologies
    • Cocoa/Cocoa
    • Mac OS X
    • Objective-C/C++
    • PostgreSQL

Independent Mac OS Developer

2004 - 2006

In my free time I developed an iPhoto plug-in SmugMugExport which uploads photos from iPhoto to SmugMug.

University of Pennsylvania

2002 - 2005
Research Assistant/Ph.D. Student
  • Performed research tasks related to programming support for embedded wireless devices
  • Passed all written preliminary exams
  • Wrote network simulations using Python


Master of Arts and Science (December 2003)
Major: Computer Science
Bachelor of Science and Engineering (May 2002)
Major: Computer Engineering
Senior Project: A Nintendo emulator written in Java